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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Bidaai or Vivah

Bajan Shahi's production house, Director's Kut is out with its first daily soap, Bidaai. The story seems to be a direct lift from last year's superhit film Vivah. "Of course," Shahi admits that "Bidaai is an 'inspired' version, and we're sure the audience can spot a cut-copy-paste show when it sees one." "No product is 100 per cent original," justifies Shahi, adding, "I've taken cues from the film. So what? Everyone does that. Film producers also take bits and pieces from each other's work, don't they?" Like the film, this soap revolves around two girls, one who is fair the other, her cousin, who is dark. The 'fair one' has been raised by her uncle and aunt after the demise of her parents. Her aunt dislikes her because she's more beautiful than her own daughter Parul Chauhan, the dusky sister agrees that it is on the lines of Vivah, "but there will be many twists and turns as the episodes un- fold.

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