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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Online Affair - Ayushman

In e debuted with the desi version of Doogie Howser MD -Ayushman. Yes, we're talking of 'wonder-kid doctor' Vinod Singh. Sadly, a squabble between him and the show's producer, Cinevistaas led to him being replaced. Singh returned with minor roles in Yeh Meri LIft Hai, CID and celebrity shows like Fame Gurukul and Fear Factor Back to the tube Now he has reason to be upbeat. He will start shooting for Ajai Sinha's Ghar Ek Sapna soon. It's not your usual prem kahani.. Singh's a friend of the family's elder, unmarried daughter, played by Barkha Madan (the bhoot from Bhoot). After chatting online for hours, the two decide to meet. "That's when I realise that she's twice my age and also extremely vulnerable, even suicidal. Since I've grown very fond of her, I decide to help her out," he reveals. Ah, a hero? Not quite. "At some point my character will turn negative. That's what makes the role interesting," beams Singh. What's past is past The rift with Cinevistaas has been bridged as well. "They called me recently for a role in a new show," he informs. He regrets what happened during Ayushman. "I've learnt since then that no problem can be solved with a fight. It's better to stay calm and talk things out," admits Singh. Let rumours lie Is he still seeing Neha Mehta, his co-star from Ayushman? He beat up a boy who allegedly misbehaved with her on the sets. "I was never seemg Neha," states Singh. "We were thought of as a couple only because of that incident. We decided not to clarify matters, because there was too much confusion already" Meanwhile, Singh has just wrapped up a Hindi film, Daughter, directed by Marathi filmmaker Riju Mane. "It has a heavy-weight cast - Reema Lagoo, Vikram Gokhale, Padmini Ko1hapure," Singh says excitedly.

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