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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Diwakar Pundir on playing a father in Santaan [ Star Plus ]

Diwakar Pundir on playing a father

Ex Mr India turned actor Diwakar Pundir will be playing a father for the first time in Star Plus’ new series Santaan. We asked the actor about why he took up the role at such a young age.
Says Diwakar, “I took this role as a challenge. Even after spending so many years in the industry, I still haven’t gained enough recognition. I keep on playing the romantic hero. This is a sensitive character and with this I want to break my image and get audience’s recognition as well. I will also get a chance to show various shades and prove myself.”

Diwakar admits that it is difficult to play a father to actors who are almost his age. “It is weird to have grey hair and non glamorous costumes. But it is common in television these days.”

He hopes people will like him as a handsome father. “I left my last show because I was playing a young romantic hero. I will continue doing ads and films too but let’s see how people accept me as a father.”

Santaan is going on air next week. Earlier, Diwakar played Shourya Shergill in Parrivar and also had a small role in Farhan Akhtar’s Don.

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