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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Delnaazz is a serious person

Delnaazz (TOI Photo)
Delnaazz Paul is fulfiling her childhood fantasy — of decking up!

“As a child I always wanted to wear sarees, wear heels, put on makeup. Kids like to overdress. And now I have got that chance,” she says. Delnaazz is referring to her role in Mere Apne on 9X where she plays a character, who is very filmi. “She watches a particular person and wants to copy him or her. Even something very serious she tends to take very lightly and equate it with some film character,” says Delnaazz, who has herself put together the look for her character.

She’s happy with the final outcome. “Even though my character’s look is supposed to be loud, I’ve taken care that it’s not garish. We’ve taken utmost care about every little thing from earrings to bindis. There’s also this little flower that I wear on the side to complete the look for this flowery character,” she says.
The actress in the past has been aversive to daily soaps and always preferred weekly shows. “But in this case it’s absolutely fine. Even though it’s a daily, it’s not so hectic. There’s a bank of episodes. It’s well organised,” she says.

Acting with Vinod Khanna in the show has been a pleasure. “I’ve always adored his looks and personality. He’s very sweet, down-to earth and jovial.”Delnaazz has always played comic characters in TV shows and films. But, the fact is in real life she’s quite a serious person.“Based on my onscreen roles, people feel I may be quite frivolous in real life. But that’s not the case. I’m very intense and quite serious. I look at situations seriously.”Doesn’t she miss playing a serious character? “On screen because I have the flair for comedy, I’ve always been offered comedy roles. But I’d love to do serious roles as well. Why not? As an actor one should experience everything.”

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