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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Amit is missing television

Amit (TOI Photo)
Unlike other actors who quit television for films, Amit Varma has always maintained that he will not do anything of the sort.

And now that he’s back in Mumbai after a hectic schedule in Canada for his debut film, he’s looking for a good role on the small screen.

“I have been in talks with a lot of people and will be taking up a project sometime soon. I’m really missing television,” admits Amit with a smile. He adds that he never had any intention of quitting TV anyways. “The reason I did not take up any work in between was because I busy with the shooting of the film but now that it’s almost done with, I can concentrate on doing a show again,” he says.

And what kind of shows would he like to do now? Would a chat show or reality show do? “Ideally I would like to get back to acting as that’s my forte. But I’m a spontaneous person; if an interesting reality show comes up then maybe I would say yes,” he answers.

But considering that doing a TV show can be quite pressurising, would he be able to balance both? “It’s because of TV that I’m where I am. I will do anything under the sun to balance both. Unless I become a Shah Rukh Khan, I won’t quit TV!” he laughs.

Amit’s also quite excited about his film Lucky Charm, with Vidya Balan and Shahid Kapoor. “It was a beautiful experience working with such talented actors and I’m very happy with my role considering I’m not a star son!” he says. And is he the lucky charm in the film? “You have to watch the movie for that!” he laughs.

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