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Monday, November 5, 2007

Eklavya: The ignored one of Kyunki

Earlier in Kyunki, Eklavya (Akash Deep Saighal) was regarded as the most obedient son in the Virani family but due to some misunderstanding and brain washing from Tulsi’s enemies, he turns against Tulsi and the entire Virani family.

He lays a trap to marry KT, who was supposed to marry her lover Lakshya. After his marriage, he still suspects that there is an affair between his wife and Lakshya.

His was quite a meaty role. Currently though he is more of a spectator in the serial. Even when he is taunted by the likes of Mohini and Daksha, he prefers to remain silent unlike earlier when he used to hit back.

We ask the writer of the show Anil Nagpal why his character is being ignored. He admits, “We have sidelined his character of late as compared to before. As of now, we are just concentrating on the Karan – Nandini – Tanya and Trupti – Saahil – Ganga tracks. Now if we give importance to his track it won’t go along with the flow of the script. Technically too it is not possible to show three tracks going together simultaneously.”

So is there any place for him in the current track? “Well, he will be in a dilemma whether to support Tulsi or go against her. He has still not forgotten the past.”

On being asked if things will change in the future, he replies, “I have written some scripts keeping his character in mind but it might or might not get cleared.”

Akash Deep Saighal himself was unavailable for comment on the issue.

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