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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kavita returns to ‘Yes Boss’

Kavita returns to ‘Yes Boss’

kavitakapoorSapana Patil Poojary

Kavita Kapoor will be back on ‘Yes Boss’ (SAB). She had been replaced by Sonia Kapoor by the channel after it decided to give the show a younger and fresher look. The channel had also changed the plot of the serial from an ad agency to a newsroom. However, the once hit show could not maintain its popularity and the channel is now forced to get its original cast back.

Kavita says, “The channel wanted to experiment with their ideas and hence I was replaced. And now that they have decided to be back with the original cast, I decided to be back again.”

So didn’t it hurt her to be replaced and then asked to be back again?

“Well, I wasn’t informed that I will be replaced. I was in Poona when I got to know this from a journalist. I was slightly hurt but at that time, I had other bigger issues to attend to. So I didn’t call the channel and ask them why they replaced me. And the people who had brought about the change are no more with the channel. So if I am wanted, then I would definitely go back because this is my show.”

Apart from Kavita’s replacement, there were several other problems that cloaked the show’s unit. It is alleged that the channel interfered in the unit’s affairs and demanded several last-minute changes causing undue pressure on the unit. Apart from that, yesbossthey got Nigaar Khan and Romanchak on board but couldn’t justify their characters.

Eventually, they removed them too. Says director Rajan Wagdhare, “The channel made a lot of changes in the serial. So much that, it didn’t look like the original serial at all. The viewers didn’t like the new changes and the channel has realised that.”

He continues, “The channel’s staff keeps changing. Every time, someone new takes over, he wants to contribute to the show. And he does that by making unnecessary changes; thus spoiling the show completely. The show has been altered so many times, that it has lost its originality.”

Rajan adds, “However, the new business head, Anooj Kapoor is a nice man. He has given me a free hand and I expect things to return to normalcy.” Anooj Kapoor, business head, SAB, says, “The team that was there before me did not intend to be interfering. It is just that their creative opinion was different from that of Rajan. And mine happens to be in synergy with Rajan.”

I am just facilitating Rajan in rebuilding the strong brand that ‘Yes Boss’ has been.”

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