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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sudeepa's a traffic stopper

sudeepaSudeepa Singh, who plays the lead Kangana in the just launched show ‘Ardhangini’ (Zee) show recalls her recent trip to Kolkata, “We went to Kolkata for a two-day shoot. This was my first visit to the city. We shot at the Victoria Memorial. Since there was a lot to shoot we were in a great rush to complete it.”

Sudeepa admits that they caused a traffic jam on the roads! She says, “We were shooting on a tram reserved for the purpose. The local people thought it was a general tram and would get in. They had to be told that a shooting was in progress.” She adds, “People would get very excited and ask what show it was. When we told them that it was a show based on a Bengali family, they would look visibly happy.”

Sudeepa says that though she is a Punjabi by birth, she enjoyed playing a Bengali girl. “I enjoyed wearing Bengali costumes. I like to apply alta ( red embellishment on the palms) too. I like Bengali eyes. They are big and beautiful. Incidentally, my name is a Bengali one. Sudeepa means something, which lights up on its own.”

Sudeepa was launched in ‘Kabhie To Nazar Milao’, which went off air without garnering much viewer attention. But Sudeepa seems to have put this failure behind her. “It wasn’t promoted well. But this show is being promoted well. Moreover, sometimes, it is also a matter of good timing. You have to be at the right place at the right time,” she ends. The show also stars Ajay Krrish and traces the tale of a girl, who wants to marry her childhood love and faces parental opposition for this.

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