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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Twinkle’s true act

twinkle_01Twinkle Bajpai, who plays Lakshmi in ‘Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan’ (Zee) recently, walked the extra mile to ensure that she gave an ‘authentic’ shot. Twinkle was shooting for a scene, which showed her to be fasting for her on-screen husband Karan (Yuvraj Malhotra) on Karva Chauth. To ensure that she gave the right expressions, Twinkle actually went hungry that day.

Twinkle says, “It was an important scene and the director was expecting me to give my best. So I preferred to go hungry. But I was on a liquid diet.” Twinkle adds, “Since I am new to the profession, I stress on the intricacies involved in acting. I sit with the director and discuss the scene with him. As soon as I reach the sets, I read my script and act the scene out in front of the mirror.”

Despite Twinkle insisting on being a professional, she often finds herself in the heart of controversies. Apart from being alleged of haughty behaviour, Twinkle is also accused of arriving late on the sets and keeping her co-stars waiting. Twinkle explains, “I don’t understand why people give me so much importance by talking about me. I am fed up of this! I often fall sick. So at times, I can’t come on the sets too early. But whenever I am needed to do a heavy make-up scene, I do come before my call time.”

She adds, “I respect all my co-actors because they are senior to me. But if someone says something to me that I don’t like, then I give it back. I am known to be blunt. Hence, I have stopped talking to people who don’t like me. I’m not insecure to butter them up. I am honest towards my work and that is sufficient.”

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