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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Why Nupur skipped the awards

nupurShameem Khan

It was an event, which no actor would want to miss. But actor Nupur Joshi, who was to receive the Best Bhai-Behen Award with onscreen brother Ayub Khan (in ‘Rakhi’ Zee) at the Zee Rishton Ka Utsav Awards ceremony, had to forego her big moment because of her illness.
Unfortunately, she was hospitalised the same day with a serious bout of malaria and jaundice.
Producer Rupali Guha says, “Just a day before the awards, I got an urgent call from my crew that Nupur was feeling unwell. She had been to a party the night before and was throwing up since then. Though she still made it to the shoot, she couldn’t carry on. We rushed her to the hospital since she lives by herself in Mumbai. Right now, she is slowly recovering but is extremely weak.”
What happens to the show, which has her in the lead?
“Thankfully, I have a bank of episodes that should sustain me this week. I am trying to incorporate scenes that don’t require her. That should give the girl some rest before she resumes,” says Rupali.
Co-star Ayub Khan sounds concerned too.
“It’s really sad that she couldn’t make it to the function. But I had the award sent to her hospital. I hear she was cushioning it under her pillow and saying, ‘It’s my baby’. Nupur is a very sweet girl. I hope she gets well soon.”
The show, which airs in the afternoon slot, has won massive viewers with a TRP rating of 2.4.

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