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Monday, December 10, 2007

Ssshhhh! Pir Koi Hai returns

Star One's bone chilling horror show Ssshhhh! Pir Koi Hai returns with a new series and more spooks. The haunt begins on December 14.

Packed with double the spook and double the chills, the new series, will now air twice a week. Ssshhh .... now opens a new chapter with chilling tales from Indian myths and legends.

Contiloe films CEO Abhimanyu Singh says, 'Sssh..Phir Koi Haii

Executive VP and General Manager, Star One Ravi Menon adds, "Sshhhh.... has now expanded its storylines to different cities of India. We have learned each region has its own folklore and horror legends associated deeply with its aboriginal culture. The new series on Sshhhh is an original attempt to capture this ethnic chill and present it to viewers in a larger canvas."
has probably been the most exciting show that we have done. Every story is treated like a film. We are glad that apart from keeping the viewers entertained the show has also given the TV and the film industry some of its talents."

Leading faces like Rucha Gujrati, Mukul Dev, Nirmal Pandey, Karan Grover, Chavi Mittal and Kushal Punjabi play important characters in the serial.

Ssshhh ...
revisits lndia's treasure of stories of devils, reincarnations, witches and witch hunters, angry tribal gods, revenge seeking ghosts and curses that annihilate generations, themes of unrequited love, betrayal, evil haunting, myths around remarriage, ritualistic sacrifice, and vengeful possessions. Ssshhh ... packs it all.

The show will capture the breath taking beauty of the outdoor landscapes, like temples of Gujarat and Orissa, the forests of Uttaranchal, the churches of Goa and the forts of Rajasthan to name a few.

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