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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Will History Repeat itself? - Kumkum Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan..

Kumkum Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan, the afternoon serial on Star Plus has given the audience the fascinating On screen Pair of Sumit-Kumkum, a Jodi which has been looked up to by all, for more than 5 years now… But how did this pair get together in the first case? If we take a backward journey in the serial, we see a glimpse of Kumkum, Jatin’s widow, crying over her fate, when her marriage to Vishal does not take place.. At this critical phase of Kumkum’s life enters Sumit, Jatin’s younger brother, who puts Sinndoor on Kumkum’s forehead and takes her as his wife! The reason for this being, Kumkum is pregnant with Jatin’s kid, and Sumit wants to save his family pride. This Devar-Bhabhi union, till today, remains to be the highlight of this long running serial…

Now, after many a leaps in the serial, the story seems to have come to the end of a vicious cycle, where the sons of Sumit and Kumkum find themselves exactly where destiny had placed their father so many years back… The present track is poised at the stage where, Dhruv, (their eldest son), has decided to marry Sia, and leave behind his first wife, Antara and his kid. Playing the role of Sumit in the new generation is Sharman,(Sumit’s youngest son) who wants Sia to be happy with his brother, and also knows that Sia is pregnant with his brother’s kid..

Now, are we going to see history repeating itself in the serial? Will the audience see Dhruv change his decision at the last minute, and decide to stay with Antara? If this happens, then wonder what will happen to Sia and her unborn kid? Will Sharman step into Sumit’s shoes, and save his family pride once again, by marrying his brother’s love, Sia? If this does happen, what will happen to Neeti, Sharman’s lover? Will she take a leaf out of Renuka’s book (Sumit’s lover, when Sumit married Kumkum) and take revenge on the Wadhwas?

If history does repeat in the serial, then will the audience not be catered to ‘Old Wine in a New Bottle’ storyline? No doubts, that the pair of Sumit and Kumkum was accepted with both hands, by the viewers, but will the next generation too be accepted in the same way? As we talk of all the similarities in the storyline, we need to hit at one striking dissimilarity – While Jatin, Kumkum’s first husband was not alive when Sumit married her, in this case, if Sia gets married to Sharman, then Dhruv and his first wife Antara will be there in their lives too.. So what next?

Kumkum Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan is sure to leave the audience with some surprising twists this coming week… Only time will tell whether the creatives are offering the audience, with something different from last time or not?

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