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BIGG BOSS Season 6

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gautami Kapoor Visits the Chawl

Recently Tulsi aka Gautami Kapoor and Baa(played by veteran Sudha Shivpuri) visited a chawl in the suburbs of Mumbai to get a feel of things to come in the story track..

When asked how the whole experience was, Gautami says, “It is truly a unique experience. We spent quality time with the people out here who have always been our loyal viewers. The afternoon was spent talking to the residents and distributing gifts among them. I was truly touched by their overwhelming response.”

Baa and Gautami who were thronged by media and the localites looked very comfortable handling the crowd. Talking about the extensive research planned by Ekta, ahead of Viraanis' entry into chawl, Gautami said, “The Kyunki team was planning to make a trip to Ahmedabad in order to learn to adapt to their new lifestyle, but was unable to do so as everyone was pre-occupied with New Year celebrations. But we definitely have plans of making the trip in the near future.”

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