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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Who killed Antara ? - Kumkum

The suspense and drama in Star Plus afternoon soap, Kumkum Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan is getting bigger with every passing episode. As the viewers bite their nails to know more into the murder of an unknown gangster lying dead in the backyard of Wadhwa house, more dark secrets get revealed that put to stake the pride of the respectful Wadhwa family.

As Inspector Revathy, played by Sonia Kapoor tries to zero in on the killer, more skeletons come stumbling out of the closet. Just when it looks like the killer is caught, another murder happens, and this time, Antara is found dead. Says Sonia Kapoor, "As the mystery thickens, Inspector Revathy spots Dhruv's handkerchief, and gets convinced that it is Dhruv and Sia who have plotted to kill Antara, as they have a huge motive and can unite after Antara's death." Here starts a battle and a tough hurdle ahead, for Sumit and Kumkum, as they set to prove their son Dhruv and daughter-in-law Sia, as innocent.

Their search to find the real killer eventually leads them to the Goenka family of Saarrthi, and they believe that they will get a lead to the murder mystery, in the ongoing marriage of Bhoomi(Zalak Thakkar) and Rudr(Gurpreet Singh).

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