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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kaho Na Yaar Hai New reality show on Star Plus

Kaho Na Yaar Hai, the to-be-launched reality show on Star Plus will focus on the theme ‘Friendship’ and will bring together two celebrities in every episode, and present the viewers with the ultimate treat of getting to know their celebrities more closely. In the midst of long-drawn reality shows with the usual dose of drama and entertainment, Kaho Na Yaar Hai, which is an adaptation of the popular game show, ‘Friends Forever’, comes as a breath of fresh air, and will enthrall the viewers with the best of big fun studio entertainment.

Talking about the game show, Sanjiv Sharma, Executive Chairman and CEO of Optimystix, says, “This game show will provide ultimate entertainment to the viewers as well as the celebrities involved, wherein the viewers will know more about their celebrities, while the celebrities paired will have a fun-riot sharing all their secrets on screen. The biggest plus of this show is that, this will bring together two celebrity friends who will go thro’ a series of chit-chats, games and various other on screen activities, and even share their best of hidden secrets, to give the audience a measure of their friendship.”

This reality show, to be hosted by Karan Patel will be a 13 episode affair, and big names from all walks of life, starting from television, to media, to sportsmen, to film personalities will be called to be a part of the fascinating game show.

Talking about the Jodis in line, the Big B of Small Screen, Ronit Roy has been paired with Gautami Kapoor, his on screen Tulsi for the reality show, and this is what the star had to say about the game show. Says Ronit, “I had a fabulous time on sets; I have already shot my part with Gautami, and it is a nice and enjoyable show”.

As the countdown to this ‘friendly’ game show begins, let us recollect the nicest of anecdotes shared with our friends and set the mood for the ultimate fun-riot…

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