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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pulkit quits Kyunkii Saas Bhi Kabhii Bahu Thi

Pulkit Samrat who became a star in fortnight and stole the hearts of million girls with his onscreen character Lakshay Virani in Balaji's Kyunkii Saas Bhi Kabhii Bahu Thi has decided to quit the serial after essaying the role for one and a half year. Not only this Pulkit who was earlier supposed to participate in NDTV Imagine's music based reality show Say Shava Shava, is no longer doing the show.

Pulkit had quit Kyunkii.. last Saturday and is on a break right now. He confirms, "I had quit the sow five days back and I am on a break enjoying myself. I think I have done justice to my role and now I have realised that my character had reached the point of stagnation so the decision to quit." But did it affect his relationship with his mentor and Balaji's honcho Ekta Kapoor? Pulkit replies, "No, I had conveyed my decision to Ekta and it was an amicable decision. My personal equation with her has not changed."

Pulkit is now looking for the greener pastures and scanning offers both from television and Bollywood. Pulkit reveals, "There are some offers from Bollywood but I still have to zero down on a good one. As far as television goes I am getting offers but I am taking my time. I am just waiting for a more substantial role especially after doing Kyunkii..."

A new face is going to replace Pulkit as Lakshay on the show and the search is on. Pulkit says, "The production house is looking for a replacement and the search is on." Pulkit is no mood to return back on the show at the moment even after his break ends.

Talking about NDTV Imagine's Say Shava Shava, Pulkit feels that it is better to drop the idea than to trouble the production house later with the issues. Pulkit says, "It was not confirmed as the talks were on. I can't be a part of the show as I can't give the required dates in the end of the January month. But I loved the concept of the show. There were some other things as well behind me quitting the show which I can't reveal. I also did not want to give trouble to the production house and the channel later so I decided to drop the idea."

Well as Pulkit takes a break we just hope the news does not break hearts of the million girls in love with him.

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