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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Seema Kapoor in Bidai

Seema Kapoor came to fame with serials like Kurukshetra, Hum Saath Aath Hai and Hasratein. Now, after a hiatus the talented actress is back to televison in Rajan Shahi's “Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai” where she will play a very pivotal character of Vasundhara Rajvansh.

Vasundhara Rajvansh will be a woman of very strong character who holds her own dignity. She’s very graceful but maintains her distance with everybody, yet she has a lot in her which she doesn’t emote out. “The role will start on this note and as the story goes further, the role is going to get more and more intense,” says Seema when inquired about the role. Throwing more light on her character, Seema says, “I would not say it’s a negative role. Rajan doesn’t believe imposing negativity on purpose. We are going to build a mystery about this character. She is going to be a very intriguing kind of a person and there’s going to be lot of mystery built around her.” What made this versatile actress take up this role? She replies laughingly, “Till date every one took me always in serials so that they could get the best where emoting is concerned. And frankly I really get tired going to the sets and delivering endless lines and emoting. Here atleast there’s lot of controlled kind of performance. There won’t be too much of shouting and emoting. It will all be in a very subtle note.”

Seema as Vasundhara Rajvansh is going to make her entry into the show on 16th Jan. We are sure this talented and versatile actress would be delivering the viewers another high profile role. A role which is quite different from what she has done earlier, and we are confident she is surely going to do full justice even this time round.


Darpan said...

I need the contact details of seema kapoor. Please provide if possible.

Anonymous said...

hi i jus love seema kapoor i think shes a gr8 actress and shes very classy does she have a fan club or something im a big fa of hers if possible can u tell her that i think shes wonderful

ashi (uk)

dhanu said...

hi darpan ans ashi i m too fan of seema kapoor i want her contact details too but couldnot get any can u guys help me out to get her contact details
Dhanu uk

dhanu said...

i need the contact details of seema kapoor please provide if possible
Dhanu uk

Anonymous said...

Hello , I love seema kapoor .i like her beautiful face and great acting . i am a big fan for her . i also want to be an actress like her .shamta

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