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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Juhi Parmar seeks a break.

The latest news is that Juhi Parmar, better known as Kumkum, the dutiful daughter-in-law, loving wife and responsible mother of Kumkum Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan is taking a hiatus from the serial.

The Telly Buzz team immediately got in touch with the actress, who confirmed the news.
Yes”, says Juhi, “It is true that I am taking a break from Kumkum.” Does this mean that we will see a new face introduced as Kumkum? “Well, as of now, nothing has been finalized. But I have just decided to take a long enough break because I have been doing Kumkum for the last six years and it has begun to get a little mundane for me. I am definitely not leaving the show. I will be back in Kumkum when I feel rejuvenated and fresh to return", says Juhi.

So how is the track going to revolve with Kumkum’s exit? “That has not been decided as yet. In fact I don’t even know when and how my exit will be shown. So I cannot give any details at this point. The creative head and the producers are working on that and probably by the end of this month, I should get a clearer picture", states the actress.

Speaking about the latest track in the show, Juhi says, “Well, right now the Pulkit track is in the initial stages. Basically Pulkit is a chapter from Kumkum’s past and was in love with her. He was under the misconception that she reciprocated the same feelings and is now trying to win her back. The track now revolves around Pulkit, Sumit and Kumkum and how Sumit saves Kumkum from trouble again.”

So Juhi fans, there is no need to be disheartened, as the gorgeous actress will be back soon on television, after her well deserved break. But the question that still haunts our mind is, when will we see Juhi getting back in Kumkum?

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