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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Aashka Goradia to be seen in Saat Phere.

Aashka Goradia, who was earlier seen in Smriti Irani’s Virudh and now in Mere Apne on 9X wll be seen making an entry soon in Zee’s Saath Phere. In conversation with the Telly Buzz team, Aashka gives our readers an insight to what is in store for them.

Speaking about her role in Saat Phere, Aashka says, “My character’s name is Kalika. She is a lawyer and is the illegitimate daughter of Narpat, Saloni’s father. Kalika is a fire brand woman who is not afraid of anything in life, even to speak the truth.” Further Aashka adds, “My entry in the show is also very dramatic. It’s a courtroom sequence wherein I come in with fire all over my hand and shoulder to prove to the court that a person can do anything when it comes to self defense, and thus she win the case". Talking about the stunt sequence she attempted, the actress quips, "The stunt was quite dangerous and I don’t think anyone on television has attempted something like this before.”

When contacted, the Director Vijay Pandey, Saath Phere, affirmed the news saying, “Aashka shot a very risky sequence, with fire all over her shoulder. Her entry is slated for sometime next week. We recently introduced Pracheen Chauhan, who plays Kshitij, Kakasa’s son.” So will Aashka be Kshitij’s love interest? “Right now that is not known. Aashka is being introduced in the show as Narpat’s illegitimate daughter and she enters the family to avenge her father. There will be a lot of twists and turns that will follow, details of which I cannot divulge right now”, replies Vijay.

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