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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai welcomes a new guest!

After the successful completion of 100 episodes, Rajan Shahi’s Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai is all set to welcome Romit Raj in Alekh –Sadhana’s reception party. The serial has seen a lot of cameos in the past and now when the track is centered around the Alekh - Sadhana marriage, Rajan Shahi has introduced another cameo appearance with Romit Raj.

Talking about how he got this offer, the handsome Romit explains, “It was a very special moment. Actually I was in Kolkata for a wedding, when I was asked by the production house to do this role. I immediately took an early morning flight as I didn't want to miss out on such a fantastic opportunity. I am playing myself, that's ‘Romit Raj', in the party.”

Speaking about Romit's entry into the show, Producer and Series Director, Rajan Shahi says, “ Romit Raj will make an entry during Alekh-Sadhana's reception party which will be held in a grand manner”. And why a cameo again? "Well, all were asking me why I have not been introducing cameos of late in the show, so this was one of the reasons. Also, Romit and I share a very cordial relationship and I had told him that he will be a part of Bidaai in some way or the other. Right now, Romit is the most eligible bachelor in town, so his character is based on the same lines wherein he will try to do match making for Ragini, played by Parul Chauhan, I believe Romit's mom will get lots of alliances for her son after the telecast of this episode (laughs). He will provide the much needed humor to the track which is otherwise going on an emotional ride".

Appraising the director Rajan Shahi who previously cast Romit in Betiyaan, the actor says, “He is my favorite director on television, it’s a pleasure being in front of the camera when Rajanji is behind the camera. I have always heard Yash Raj keeping their actors comfortable on the sets and I feel that kind of relation I share with Rajanji”.

Will there be some more characters seen in the reception? Rajan Shahi says, “Romit's entry is just the beginning. The reception will see the entry of many other characters, which will give the serial a new flavor. I will disclose details of this in few days.”

Hope this has made the audience more excited than before!

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