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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ajay Devgan’s family drama

 Yet another dramatic incident took place on the sets of a reality show. Recently, on the shoot of Zee’s Rock N Roll, family judge Ajay Devgan got so furious over an argument amongst the contestants that he lost his cool, took hold of Kajol’s arm and stormed out of the sets saying “if you guys know the best then carry on. I will not tolerate a change of format halfway through the show”.

The whole drama started when the existing families in the competition objected to the selection of entirely new families as ‘wild card entries” in the show. Brijesh from Saxena family, who initiated the argument, said that it’s unfair on them to introduce two new families at this stage of the competition. He maintained that when they have sweated it out all through to reach this far in the competition, suddenly two new families cannot just have a cake walk into the show. He proposed the re-entry of those families who have already been eliminated. Ajay lost his patience and said that whatever the format, which had been decided, was told to all the families well in advance. Even if they had any disagreements they should have addressed to it at that stage and not now when the families have already been selected.

Ajay made his point quite clear when he said that whatever is happening will go on and whosoever has any problem should leave. But, for a change, it was Ajay who, in the end, left the sets of the reality show along with his wife Kajol.

Well, the reality behind the drama as whether this was scripted or not would never be revealed but one thing is for sure that viewers of this show got yet another masala episode while the channel gained their share in terms of points on the TRP charts.

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