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BIGG BOSS Season 6

Friday, May 30, 2008

Amit Sana joins the Champions

This week’s episodes of STAR Plus’ reality show Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar has some surprises in store for its audience.

Friday’s episode has the contestants singing the tunes of some of the most unconventional singers of the music industry with songs ranging from Sanware to Albela Sajan Aayo Re. Among the challengers, Himani, Toshi and Amit Sana gave some power packed performances making them the top three Challenger performers of the week. In addition, Rex D’souza and Amey Date join the challengers but unfortunately, Rex gave a very mediocre performance along with Amit Tandon thus getting a RED FLAG from the jury. After weeks of struggle, Amit Sana finally makes it to the Champions Squad while Amit Tandongets himself evicted from the show.

On the other side, the champions had their theme as comedy and the participants came up with a variety of songs from Meri Pyaari Bindu to Hawa Hawai. Surprisingly, some of the best performers, Vineet Singh, Prajakta Shukre and Harshit found themselves in the bottom three. But even more surprising was the elimination of Prajakta Shukre, who had survived thru’ the competition in spite of her various issues on the show.

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