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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fan gives Rahul Vaidhya gold ring

 With their growing popularity, the contestants of Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar are becoming the heart-throbs of millions of girls and boys around the globe and are flooded with mails/letters from their fans everyday. One such case is that of Rahul Vaidya, who is extremely popular among the fairer sex and has a huge fan following.

Rahul recently received a letter from an anonymous admirer packed with a very expensive gold ring which he even wore for the shoot of the show. Besides showering him with praise and affection, the possessive fan was upset that he had confessed his crush for anchor Mandira Bedi and had even dedicated a song to her in the last episode.

Rahul excitedly read out this letter to his co-participants, Mandira and the judges recently but was extremely taken aback by the contrary reactions he received for this act. Co-participant Harshit felt that he was not the only one to receive such fan mails. The only difference is that the others never discussed such letters in public. Harshit even went on to say that Rahul should concentrate on his singing and not resort to such cheap gimmicks in order to garner publicity.

On the other hand, Mandira was quite embarrassed by the rude comments and harsh words that Rahul"s fan had expressed for her while Farah Khan jokingly commented that it was actually Vineet who was Rahul"s secret admirer and had sent him the letter.

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