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BIGG BOSS Season 6

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Big boss 2

With the second episode, action begins in Bigg Boss!!There is a welcome dinner provided by the Bigg Boss which is followed by contestants pairing up. It's time for contestants to inform Bigg Boss about 2 housemates that they would like to put up for nominations, however just before they could do that Bigg Boss announces that we would like to showcase our hospitality to our first ever international celebrity – Jade Goody, hence the housemates cannot nominate Jade Goody and her partner this week.

The next day begins with breakfast worries and per nominations stress for week one…Raja Chaudhary and Sanjay Nirupam were announced as the two nominated for evictions by the housemates.

Further in the episode Jade Goody learns the bollywood style dancing from Sambhavna Seth as they perform to the hit number ' Mehooba Mehooba', Ehsan Quershi croons the song for them.

The Bigg Boss gives them a task for day 1 that is to be handcuffed with their partners. The Bigg Boss has instructed all the house mates to converse in Hindi the only exception being Payal and Jade Goody. Payal has been instructed to teach Jade Hindi. Where she teaches Jade how to say hr name in hindi.

Everyone comes up and takes upon themselves the various tasks, like cooking, cleaning, washing etc…Rahul says that I can't cook so I will take the task of keeping the toilets clean. He takes a broom and starts cleaning the bath room.

While all the house mates are sitting and talking, Jade comes running in the living room, saying there is some crisis in the bathroom and the water tap is broken. Rahul tries to fix the crisis.

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