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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Manish Goel's Electrifying Act...

The ‘Performance’ episode on Star One’s Zara Nachke Dikha on Monday will see the Tez Talwar Manish Goel shaking his legs to the energetic number ‘Humma Humma’!!

Creating a perfect ambience for this number, Manish performed this solo set in a garage with loads of pyros and fireworks in the rights sense!! The judges were stunned by this electrifying act where Manish adorned a cool ‘Dhoom 2 look’…

But the highlight of the performance was the manner in which Manish set the stage on fire and that too, in real!! As he was performing, one side of the stage caught fire due to the pyro works that were part of the act. Everyone on the sets was taken aback and the situation got chaotic, but normalcy prevailed quickly as the necessary precautionary steps were taken by the crew. However, the amazing part was that Manish was unfazed and managed the entire condition quite well and chose to continue with his performance..

And this is what we actually call ‘Set the stage on fire’ act!! Kudos to Manish!!

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