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BIGG BOSS Season 6

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rahul Mahajan gets first warning..

The tough living style in Bigg Boss house, staying away from your day-to-day necessities can surely irk the participants, and this is exactly what bothers Rahul Mahajan!!

Rahul Mahajan’s addiction for cigarettes can now screw things for him!! It is heard that Rahul tried to instigate all other contestants to demand for cigarettes and asked them to revolt against Bigg Boss by simply removing their microphones.

The provocative behavior of Rahul Mahajan has not been appreciated by Bigg Boss who is said to have warned Rahul that if he continues to do so, he might get evicted from the contest…

Well, is the sword of eviction hanging around Rahul’s head is the big question now!!

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