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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dev Keswani to enter Grahasti....

Dev Keswani who was unceremoniously replaced by Amit Verma in Star One’s Annu Ki Hogayee Wah Bhai Wah is back to television now!!

The actor will now be seen replacing Akshay Sethi in Star Plus’ afternoon saga on women power, Grahasti. Dev will be seen as Raunak who used to be the love interest of Soni. “I have not seen the manner in which this character was played before by Akshay before. There have been lot many changes in the life of Raunak and with his comeback, a new track will start”, says Dev Keswani.

Elaborating on his entry, the actor says, “Raunak will come back from abroad after completing his studies. He has made name, fame as well as money. He has got more calm, composed and very organized and is glad that he is back as a more successful and responsible person. He now wants to get his love, Soni back”.

With Raunak’s comeback, there is a complicated love quadrangle that develops in Grahasti. “Shaleen Bhanot who plays Manas Ahuja is in love with Soni, but Soni loves me and I love Soni. At the same time, Rano loves Manas, but he treats her as his friend”, states Dev about the complex situation in which the love-birds are in.

Dev wants to move ahead and does not want to touch upon the past. “I was getting many offers, but wanted to get the right role to be back. I am looking forward to playing the very positive, honest and down-to-earth character of Raunak”, says the actor as he signs off.

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