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BIGG BOSS Season 6

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's time for Mentors to fight now.....

If last week saw the Eastern Zone mentor Shabana Azmi awarding the ‘dramebaaz’ Jodi from Central Zone Twinkle Bajpai and Puneet Israni with 1 point, this week will see the retaliating to it in Central Zone mentor, Zeenat Aman9X’ Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket!!

Well, are you wondering what Zeenat does this week? The answer is so simple, as she returned the same 1 point to the very consistent Jodi from Eastern Zone (Shabana’s team) Naman Shaw and Bindu, even after they delivered a top-notch performance… This resulted in a heated argument between Shabana Azmi and Zeenat Aman. Defending her judgment-call, Zeenat told Naman, “Since I had already given you marks last week before the entire controversy started on the sets and now that the others were penalized, it’s only fair to them that even you bear the consequences of your actions”. This irked Shabanaji totally, and she argued saying, “I have known Zeenat for a very long time and this comes as a complete shock to me that she could ever do something like this. The episode should have ended last week itself rather than extending it on this week”.

Naman Shaw, who remained a silent spectator to this, is a very unhappy man today, as he told Telly Buzz, “It was very upsetting to get just 1 mark in spite of giving the best performance. All the judges appreciated our performance and in fact said that this was by far the best they have seen this season”. Reacting on Zeenat’s decision, the actor added “It was a fresh day, devoid of fights and controversies; but it seemed as though Zeenat Aman was very much impressed with Puneet and felt bad with his ouster, so wanted to play the ‘Tit for Tat’ game by giving me 1 mark”.

However, another contestant on terms of anonymity expressed to us that, “I don’t think it was a revenge taken by Zeenatji, but she did punish Naman for whatever he did last week”.

Well, in the midst of all this, the jodis to find themselves in Danger Zone this week were the two Jodis from Central Cheetahs, Chetan Hansraj-Sanyojita and Krutika Singhal – Mayank. According to our well-placed source, “It was Krutika and Mayank who went out this week”.

Well, with Mayank, Twinkle and Puneet gone, will this show finally be devoid of controversies now - is the question the viewers will have!!

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