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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Amit Dolawat to enter Sasural Genda Phool...

Star Plus' Sasural Genda Phool is bringing in new entrants to make their show interesting. Amit Dolawat is the latest one to join the show. He was last seen on Sahara One's Hi! Padosi...Kaun hai Doshi?

An industry insider states, "Amit Dolawat will play the character of Abhishek, Sonali's (Hunar Hali) husband. Sonali earlier entered as Ishaan's friend. The couple will bump into Ishaan and Suhana in a restaurant. Abhishek will be shown as a psychopath who can go to any extend to prove her love for Sonali. In the future, he won't like Sonali's closeness with Ishaan and will doubt on them."

When contacted Amit he asserted, "I am entering the show as an obsessive lover who loves his wife very much to an extend that he turns a psycho. He also feels insecure by seeing the closeness of Sonali and Ishaan. Very nice character it is."

Amit Dolawat and Hunar Hali will enter the show in tonight episode.

So is an extra marital affair on the cards? The answer lies with the makers...

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