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BIGG BOSS Season 6

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Drama between Khasif and Karishma

Kasif And Karishma In Bigg Boss 6
The Bigg Boss House is always known for the heated arguments and unending  web of controversies between the housemates.

This season is no different. The promos that are on air show Khasif leaving no opportunity to get close to Karishma. The gentleman only does house chores if Karishma asks him to do so otherwise refuses the request put forth by any other housemate.

Furthermore, there is a issue between the two for which Khasif holds Rajev Paul responsible as he tells Asim Trivedi.

To bring an end to the ongoing drama, he apologizes to Karishma if his actions may have caused embarrassment to her or her family members. However, she denies any such problem and tells him that they can be friends.

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